Welcome to Cudham & Downe

The united benefice


  • We WORSHIP the living God through the Lord Jesus Christ
  • We WITNESS the love of Christ shown supremely in his life, death and resurrection
  • We WELCOME all people into our fellowship with the love of Christ

Both churches have been here for over 700 years, and are Grade II* listed. Yet they are more than just historic buildings. If our churches were merely ancient buildings which needed to be cared for, they would be little more than museums. There is certainly a historical element to our existence here - but we are here as a Church which lives in the present and looks to the future. As the Bible tells us, the Church is primarily not a building but a body of people - people who relate together as the Body of Christ. The Church is a living organism, and lives to reflect that we believe in and serve a living God who is concerned about our lives today.