Weekly Sermons

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Sunday 18th October 2020      Morning Worship.  1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

Sunday 11th October 2020       Holy Communion Service.  Philippians 4:1-9

Sunday 4th October 2020

Downe - Holy Communion Service  Sermon Philippians 3:4b-14

Cudham - Service Sheet  Hope and Poverty Appeal video for Harvest and talk by Foodbank volunteer

Sunday 27th September 2020

Cudham  Holy Communion Service booklet  Sermon - Philippians 2:1-13

Downe    SermonPsalm 65

Sunday 20th September 2020     Morning Worship.  Philippians 1:21-30

Sunday 13th September 2020     Holy Communion Service. Philippians 1:1-20

Sunday 6th September 2020       Outdoor Morning Worship.  Matthew Ch.18 v15-20

Sunday 30th August 2020           Morning Worship.  Matthew Ch.16 v21-28    

Sunday 23rd August 2020           Morning Worship.  Matthew Ch.16 v13-20

Sunday 16th August 2020           Morning Worship.  Matthew Ch.15 v21-28

Sunday 9th August 2020             Morning Worship.  Matthew Ch.14 v22-33

Sunday 2nd August 2020            Outdoor Morning Worship.  Matthew Ch.14 v13-21

Sunday 26th July 2020                Morning Worship.  Matthew Ch.13 v31-33, 44-52

Sunday 19th July 2020                Morning Worship.  Matthew Ch. 13 v24-30, 36-43 and

                                                     Romans 8: v12-25

Sunday 12th July 2020                 Morning Worship.  Matthew Ch.13 v1-9, 18-23

Sunday 5th July 2020                   Morning Worship.  Matthew Ch.11 v16-19, 25-30

Sunday 28th June 2020                All Age Worship.  Matthew Ch.16 v13-19

Sunday 21st June 2020                Morning Worship.  Luke Ch.15 v11-32

Sunday 14th June 2020                Morning Worship.  Matthew Ch.9 v35 to Ch.10 v23

Sunday 7th June 2020                  Morning Worship.  Isaiah Ch.40 v12-17, 27-31                                                                                                              and Matthew Ch.28 v16-20

Sunday 31st May 2020                 Day of Pentecost All Age Service.  Acts Ch.2 v1-21 

Sunday 24th May 2020                 Morning Worship and sermon.  John Ch.17 v1-11

Sunday 17th May 2020                 Morning Worship and sermon.  John Ch.14 v15-21

Sunday 10th May 2020                 Morning Worship and sermon.  John Ch.14 v1-14

Sunday 3rd May 2020                   Morning Worship. Acts Ch 2. v42-47 and John Ch.10: v1-10

Sunday 26th April 2020                 Morning Worship and sermon.  Luke Ch. 24 v13-35

Sunday 19th April 2020                 Morning Worship and sermon. John Ch. 20: v19-29

Sunday 12th April 2020                 Easter Day Service and sermon. John  Ch. 20: v1-18

Maundy Thursday 9th April 2020  Tenebrae Service

Sunday 5th April 2020                   Palm Sunday Service and sermon.  Matthew Ch.21: v1-11

Sunday 29th March 2020              Service and sermon. John Ch.11: v1-45

Sunday 22nd March 2020             Service and sermon. Luke Ch. 8 v19-21 John Ch 19 v26-27

Sunday 15th March 2020               Romans Ch. 5 v1-8

Ash Wednesday 26th February 2020     John Ch.8 v1-11

Sunday 23rd February 2020          1 Corinthians Ch.4 v1-13

Sunday 16th February 2020          1 Corinthians Ch.3 v1-23

Sunday 9th February 2020            1 Corinthians Ch.2 v1-16

Sunday 22nd December 2019       Matthew Ch.1 Joseph

Sunday 24th November 2019        Luke Ch.23 v33-43

Sunday 7th April 2019                   John Ch.12 v1-8

Sunday 17th March 2019              Luke Ch.13 v31-35

Sunday 10th March 2019              Luke Ch.4 v1-13

Ash Wednesday 6th March 2019  Luke Ch.15 Return of the prodigal

Sunday 3rd March 2019                Luke Ch.9

Sunday 24th February 2019         1 Corinthians Ch.15

Sunday 17th February 2019         1 Corinthians Ch.15

Sunday 10th February 2019         1 Corinthians Ch.13

Sunday 3rd February 2019           Luke Ch.2 Simeon

Sunday 13th January 2019           Luke Ch.3 Jesus Baptism