Regular Church services

In Cudham and Downe

Services in St. Peter & St. Paul, Cudham

Sunday services are held at 11am on every Sunday. On successive Sundays of each month, the services offered are:
  • 1st - Family Communion
  • 2nd - Morning Worship
  • 3rd - Holy Communion
  • 4th - Morning Worship

Services in St. Mary's, Downe

Sunday services in Downe commence at 9.30am on every Sunday. The pattern of services in Downe church is as follows:
  • 1st - Family Service
  • 2nd - Holy Communion
  • 3rd - Morning Worship
  • 4th - Holy Communion

5th Sundays

In a month with a 5th Sunday, a united service at 10:30am may be held in one of the churches. Please contact the Parish Administrator ( to confirm where the service is being held that Sunday.