School visists to the churches

Visit our Churches

Each year schools and other parties of children and young people visit the villages of Cudham and Downe as part of their educational or recreational activities. For example, in Cudham is the Guide Camp and the Cudham Activity Centre. Downe has the Scout Camp, and the village itself is a popular place for school day trips.

Some schools include the church as part of their studies in the village and local area. They make contact with the Vicar to arrange to see in the church and to have a guided tour of the building. This is usually great fun, with the children asking lots of questions about the church and what goes on in it. (And no, the hymn board is not a list of the winning Lottery numbers, as one bright spark asked!)

If you are a teacher or you are organising such a trip, and you would like the children to have a guided tour of either or both of the churches, please do make contact with us via the website [click here].

"Any Questions?" during a visit to Cudham Parish Church

No, Johnny, they're not the Lottery numbers!

Exploring the font in St. Mary's Church, Downe

Looking up at the Sundial, which was placed on the south wall of the tower of St. Mary's in memory of Charles Darwin.

Outside in the churchyard drawing St. Mary's Church