Stephen Jota Children's Centre

In partnership with NSUMBI Trust

Stephen Jota:

Since Easter 2000 our two churches have been supporting the work of Stephen Jota in Uganda as he seeks to help orphaned and poor children from the slum areas of Kampala.

Stephen has a vision for building a Children's Centre to provide education for these children, many of whom have been orphaned because their parents died from AIDS. A number of churches and individuals in UK and Northern Ireland (including our own two churches) have caught his vision and have been supporting the work.

Several people from Cudham and Downe have been out to visit the site in Kampala and have given practical and spiritual help while they've been there.

Stephen has come over to the UK on a number of occasions and spoken at both churches. On a visit in 2001, he also spoke to Class 3 of Downe Primary School. The children responded magnificently and raised over £270 for the Centre, which they want to go towards the new kitchens and dining area that are being built to feed the children at the Centre. Since then the children have raised further funds for the centre.

Children from Cudham Church of England Primary School have also sent donations to the Centre, and they have also corresponded with the children there.

It is exciting to see the work progressing - the first 3 classrooms were built in July 2000, the school opened in February 2001 with 170 children, and there are now over 400 children being taught at the Centre.

Please click here or on the link below to see the website of NSUMBI Trust which is a UK charity working in partnership with the Stephen Jota Children's Centre to help provide for the children.

If you would like to support the work at the Centre, NSUMBI Trust gives two particular ways in which you can do so - either by helping with the running costs of the Centre and the newly-built hostel that provides a home to many of the children, or by sponsoring a child.